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Upgrading from 1.4 to 1.5

{primary} This release adds support for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and 3D Secure authentication for payments by leveraging the Stripe Payment Intents API. It contains a few breaking changes so be sure to read through this guide carefully!

The shopr.orders.created event

If you listen to the shopr.orders.created event to find out when an order has been successfully paid, you should instead listen to the new shopr.orders.confirmed event. The reason for this is that the new SCA payment flow sometimes require an additional confirmation, and if that fails the payment does not succeed. However, the order has already been created. The shopr.orders.confirmed event is only fired when an order is successfully paid.

The new SCA compatible payment flow

The new Payment Intents API requires some modification to your frontend. It's not much, but it will make payments fail if you don't upgrade. Make sure you follow the step by step guide to set it up correctly.