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Adding items to the cart

Adding items to the cart will return the full cart summary. You can add sub items in order to combine different shoppables.

POST /api/shopr/cart/items

Example body

    shoppable_type: 'App\\Models\\Camera', // required
    shoppable_id: 1, // required
    quantity: 1, // optional: will default to 1 if not provided
    price: 50, // optional: will default to the shoppable price if not provided
    options: {
        color: 'Silver',
    sub_items: [{
        shoppable_type: 'App\\Models\\Lens', // required when providing a sub item
        shoppable_id: 1, // required when providing a sub item
        price: 20, // optional
        options: {
            color: 'Space grey'

Example response:

    "items": [{
        "id": "111111111111",
        "quantity": 1,
        "shoppableType": "App\\Models\\Camera",
        "shoppableId": 1,
        "shoppable": {
            "id": 1,
            "title": "The best camera",
            "price": 100,
            "price_formatted": "$100,00"
        "options": {
            "color": "Silver",
        "subItems": [{
            "shoppableType": "App\\Models\\Lens",
            "shoppableId": 1,
            "options": {
                "color": "Space grey"
            "total": 20,
            "price": 20,
            "price_formatted": "$20,00"
        "total": 70, // includes the sub items
        "price": 50, // overridden in the request example above, the shoppable price is ignored
        "price_formatted": "$50,00"
    "discounts": [],
    "sub_total": 70,
    "sub_total_formatted": "$70,00",
    "tax_total": 0,
    "tax_total_formatted": "$0,00",
    "total": 70,
    "total_formatted": "$70,00",
    "count": 1

Price calculations

When adding an item, the price of the main shoppable will be combined with the prices of any sub item shoppables. You may override the shoppable price by providing a price attribute on the request body. For example, you may have an option that costs more or less than the default price. The behavior is the same for both items and sub items.


The options you provide are completely free. You can append any key-value pairs you'd like.


The quantity will default to 1 unless you provide a different value. If you add an item that's identical to an item that already exists in the cart, the quantity will instead be incremented on that one. Identifying identical items takes options and sub items into account.

Sub items

Sub items follow the same structure as the main item. You must provide a shoppable id and class namespace, but you may also provide options and quantity if you'd like.