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Checkout - paying

Before you make the charge request, you may need a gateway specific implementation in between. You can read more about how to implement each gateway further down.

POST /api/shopr/checkout/charge

Example body

    gateway: 'Stripe', // required
    token:, // when using Stripe, the token is required to charge the customer
    email: '', // required
    first_name: 'Boaty', // required
    last_name: 'McBoatface', // required
    phone: '(1) 111222333',
    address: 'Boatstreet 1',
    zipcode: '111 22',
    city: 'Boat City',
    country: 'Boatland'

Example response:

    "redirect": ""

Example error response:

// Response code: 400
    "message": "Unable to process your order."

Gateway specific implementations


When using Stripe to process purchases, you first need to open their Checkout component to let the user enter their card details and confirm the purchase. When done, you will receive a token which should be included in your request to the /api/shopr/checkout/charge endpoint as the token parameter.
If you're using Vue, we highly recommend using this wrapper component for Stripe Checkout. You can also check out the demo implementation.